Cheddar Cheesy Zucchini Pappardelle

Because it is still apparently winter this late in March, I decided I needed something warming so I am slightly cooking the zucchini- you can definitely eat the noodles raw by salting them and setting them in a food dehydrator for a 1/2 hour or just set aside for 15-20 minutes so they soften. I […]

Chocolate Cacao Maca Almond Butter Power Smoothie

Chocolate Cacao Maca Almond Butter Power Smoothie 1c almond or cashew nut milk 1T hemp seed 2t raw agave or raw local honey 1T raw Almond Butter 1T Maca powder 2T cacao powder 1T golden flax seeds 1t vanilla 1scoop protein powder pinch salt  ___ 1c ice Blend all ingredients together except the ice and […]

Pasta Con Tanti Funghi alla Crema / Pasta with Many Mushrooms Cream Sauce

Pasta with Many Mushrooms Cream Sauce I made this pasta on my birthday and I am telling you, NO ONE, unless they were crazy, would miss the dairy, butter, or cheese in this recipe. The cashews offer a super creamy, velvety texture; paired with the divine savory intensity of the mushrooms is SUPER FRICKEN YUM. […]

Strawberry Coconut Power Smoothie

Strawberry Coconut Power Smoothie 1c nut milk 1T hemp seed 1t raw agave or raw local honey 1c strawberries 1T gold flax seeds 1T coconut manna 1t vanilla 1scoop protein powder — 1c ice Blend all ingredients together except the ice and process until smooth- taste and adjust if needed Add the ice and blend […]

Coconut Cinnamon Cream Power Smoothie

Coconut Cinnamon Cream Power Smoothie 1c fresh coconut meat or 2T coconut manna 1T coconut oil 1t cinnamon 1T chia seeds 1T hemp seeds 1 scoop protein 2t coconut sugar or raw honey 1c nut milk 1t vanilla 1c ice Blend all ingredients together except the ice until smooth. Taste and adjust sweetness etc. Add […]

RAW Vegan “Egg” Nog / Cashew Love Drink

RAW Vegan “Egg” Nog 1/2c cashews soaked for an hour 2c water 10 deglet dates-more or less for desired sweetness (could be replaced with 1/4c raw agave or maple syrup) 1/4t nutmeg 1t vanilla 1/2T coconut oil 1t maca powder 1/2t cinnamon + additional for dusting In a blender, combine all ingredients and process until […]

Sweet Tapioca Pudding

I love this pudding, super creamy, super yummy and super comforting. Play with the flavors by adding chocolate or using coconut milk in place of or in addition to the cashew nut milk. You could use another non-dairy milk but I find the cashews to lend a creaminess and a fullness that another nut or […]

Raw Cashew Cream Cheese

This cheese is EXCEPTIONAL….full of pro-biotics (belly healthful bacteria), it is incredibly creamy and delicious. Easy easy easy to make. It’s raw, its animal free, dairy free, gluten free AMAZINGNESS…..It’s sort of like, why WOULDN’T you make it?…. Raw Cashew Cream Cheese- Savory 1c raw cashews 1c raw sauerkraut (not pasteurized) 1T dulse flakes 1t […]