Baked Tofu Marinara Steaks

Baked Tofu Marinara Steaks 1-Pound tofu, rinsed, pressed, and drained- cut into thick, even slices 1c prepared Marinara (see recipe) 1T olive oil 1T shoyu or Tamari 2T maple syrup OR coconut sugar Pink salt and pepper to taste Pinch cayenne pepper *optional 2T nutritional yeast — Preheat the oven to 400 degrees In a small […]

Tofu Ricotta Cheese Filling

Tofu Ricotta 1/2 Pound tofu- blanched 1 clove garlic, smashed, minced 3T extra virgin olive oil 1/4c nutritional yeast *optional 1 heaping T mellow white miso 1t brown rice vinegar 1t ume vinegar 1 heaping T sesame tahini 1c cooked veggies like spinach, broccoli, or kale-steamed and pressed or drained well (all water out) OR […]

Tofu Quinoa Broccoli Scramble

An incredible source of vegan protein, the combo of quinoa and tofu in a quick scramble makes it fast, easy, and satisfying. Perfect for after a bog workout- also the turmeric promotes healing and recovery- it is also an anti-inflammatory food. Tofu Quinoa Broccoli Scramble 1/2 package (7.5 oz) firm tofu, crumbled 2T coconut oil […]

Simple Tofu Scramble

Super simple after an intense Crossfit workout: 300 double unders, 10 Cleans (#83 pounds), 50 front squats (#83 pounds), and 60 tricep dips….WOOOF! I finished and about 45 minutes after I WAS HUNGRY!!! I usually add lots of veggies into my scramble but today I was just feeling SIMPLE and it was SO delicious….the miso […]

Sundried Tomato & Scallion Tofu Spread (Surfer’s Spread)

I was at a local co-op here they have a spread called “Surfer Spread”. It. is. YUMMY. I was determined to replicate it, I have a ton of RAW unsulfered sun-dried tomatoes, and picked up some local fresh scallions at the Farm Stand down the road and VOILA….It took me two times to get it. I […]