Ellen’s Golden Milk

This is delicious as an energy boost, or a soothing night time night cap to calm nerves prior to going to bed. Lately I have been making this as a pick me up during the cold afternoons or taking it as a dessert a little bit after dinner time. Turmeric has so many amazing medicinal […]

Banana Vanilla Power Smoothie

Tastes more like a giant vanilla milkshake!!! Usually I am not a fan of bananas in my smoothies, this…is SO DELICIOUS. Banana Vanilla Power Smoothie 1c nut milk 1T hemp seeds 1t raw agave or raw local honey 2c chopped, frozen bananas 1 heaping T tocos 1T gold flax seeds 1T coconut oil 1t vanilla […]

Lemon Poppy Seed Sunflower Dressing

This dressing is an awesome go to dressing, packed with protein, fiber, nutrients and minerals all without any added oils or fats. Amazing on mixed fresh greens. Lemon Poppy Seed Sunflower Dressing 1 1/2c raw, (sprouted & dehydrated is ideal) sunflower seeds 2 to 2 1/2c filtered water 2T sesame seeds 2 lemons, juiced 2T […]