Potato Leek Soup With Broccoli

So easy and really delicious, the addition of coconut oil makes it almost buttery and round in flavor. You could totally puree this and make it like a traditional Potato Leek soup but I love the chunks, especially with the broccoli florets floating around. ūüôā Potato Leek & Broccoli Soup Wheat-Free, Gluten-Free 3 large russet […]


This is one of my most favorite foods of all time. I love food- It really doesn’t go well for me when I don’t like the food I am eating. Yogurt is one of those foods that historically has not translated well into being vegan, it’s just sort of weird. Whether its made from soy […]

AMAZING Gluten Free Vegan Pancakes

AMAZING Gluten Free Vegan Pancakes¬† 1/4c oat flour 1/4c all purpose gluten free flour 1/4c corn meal, blue or yellow 2t baking powder 1T flax seeds (or flax meal) 1/4t cinnamon 2t apple cider vinegar 1T agave, date or coconut sugar 1/4t salt 1T maple syrup ¬ĺ-1 cup cashew nut milk (or other nondairy milk) […]

Water Kefir!

I am¬†obsessed with all things fermented. I just recently woke up my kefir grains that were stored in the back of my fridge.¬†¬†Pronounced KEE-FUR.¬†I¬†use to make it every couple of days- then I mastered kombucha which¬†has a slower rhythm than kefir and just got into a comfortable pace….then I stopped drinking and my desire for […]

Gluten Free Cinnamon Oatmeal Raisin Chocolate Chip Cookies 2015

YUM. I processed my chocolate chips so that they were in smaller pieces- totally not necessary. I also made these in a larger size cookie than I usually do, I mean seriously, let’s just get real….makes it easier than having to get up go¬†back and back and back for another cookie…am I right? Gluten Free […]

AMAZING Gluten-Free Pasta Summer Salad

You can use all of the vegetables you love in this amazing pasta¬†dish- edamame instead of chickpeas, more or less of your faves but this is a WINNER- PERFECT for pot lucks and summer gatherings. AMAZING Gluten-Free Pasta Summer Salad ¬Ĺ red bell pepper, small dice ¬Ĺ green bell pepper, small dice 1 carrot, small […]

Delicious Quicky Potato Salad

Delicious Quicky Potato Salad I literally had one large potato starting to grow eyes staring at me from the hanging basket ‚Äď I needed to use it soon! So today was the day! A few weeks back when I was on my scallion cream cheese kick, I planted a bunch of scallions in a pot […]

Sundried Tomato & Ramp Cheese Spread

Seriously… NOT F*CKING AROUND….what a flavor on this cheese!!!! Ramps are only here for such a short time! What a way to celebrate their uniqueness and honor their presence. I had the opportunity to forage for ramps with my friend on her hillside- what a divine way to connect with the planet….spring has finally sprung. […]

Smoked Cherry “the Bomb” Pepper Cheese Spread

Smoked Cherry Bomb Pepper Cheese Spread 2c cashews, soaked for an hour (this step can be skipped) 1T mellow white miso 3¬†capsules vegan probiotics (empty powder and dispose of the capsule) or 1t powder 1/2c +up to 3T filtered water ‚ÄĒ 2t onion powder 1t heaping of smoked paprika or smoked chipotle powder 1T heaping […]

Gluten Free Double Chocolate Fudge Peanut Butter Cookies 2015

Officially my new favorite cookie…I know I just said that the last time with the the¬†Gluten Free Double Fudge Walnut Brownie Cookies¬†but seriously, there is nothing like peanut butter and chocolate together….NO ONE WOULD NO NOTHIN about this cookie other than it KICKS TOTAL ASS. It makes a lot of these badass muthers so feel […]