White Girl Gingered Cabbage & Corn Congee

 This is an incredibly comforting and healing food. It is reminiscent of a Chinese egg drop soup, the broken rice lends a rich, starchy consistency to the soup that just feels amazing going down. I had squirreled away the most gorgeous corn this past summer and in lieu of BEING DONE WITH THIS WINTER and […]

Ellen’s AWESOME White Girl KimChee

I FRICKEN LOVE KIMCHEE.….I’m not sure what I love about it most, making it or eating it. There is something about the process of making it that has culture, devotion and love wrapped in the creation of this amazing fermented food. It is said that whatever you send into the making of it will be in […]

Asian Cole Slaw

Asian Cole Slaw Deliciously crisp and fresh tasting- make this and no one will know that there is anything “special” about this slaw other than it’s awesome taste. 1 small green cabbage, thinly sliced, or shredded (4CUPS) 1 carrot, grated Salt Dressing: 1/4c Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1T Hot Sesame Oil 3T Apple Cider Vinegar […]