Asian Cole Slaw

*asian cole slaw

Asian Cole Slaw

Deliciously crisp and fresh tasting- make this and no one will know that there is anything “special” about this slaw other than it’s awesome taste.

1 small green cabbage, thinly sliced, or shredded (4CUPS)

1 carrot, grated



1/4c Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1T Hot Sesame Oil

3T Apple Cider Vinegar

2T Agave Nectar, or maple syrup

2t brown rice vinegar

1t ume vinegar

Salt and pepper to taste

2T toasted sesame seeds

In a large bowl, place the shredded cabbage and salt it generously, allow it to sit for several hours, even overnight with a plate on top. This will release the liquid in the cabbage, which you will drain out. This removes any bitterness and makes the cabbage more digestible and more tender.

After draining, add in the other ingredients and toss well. Serve chilled.


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Ellen Abraham

I am a totally lit up Vegan Ambassador for Official Team Green-Yoga-Spin-Pilates-Health- Life Coach-Crossfitting-Food-Animal Activist-Studio Owner........

3 thoughts on “Asian Cole Slaw”

    1. Hi Pat! I use a mandolin slicer which makes quick work of evenly shredding veggies with minimal clean up- I also love using my Cuisinart with the shredding blade… And then there is always a really sharp knife! XOE

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