Peanut Butter Maca Chocolate Chip Power Smoothie

*Peanut Butter Maca Chocolate Chip Power Smoothie

Fricken CRAZY delicious.

I use Sun Warrior Raw Vegan Vanilla Protein in my shakes.

1c nut milk
2T cacao nibs
1T raw agave or raw local honey
2T peanut butter
1t vanilla
1scoop protein powder
2t Maca powder
1T chia seeds
1T hemp seeds
pinch Himalayan sea salt


1c ice
blend all ingredients together except the ice and process until smooth- taste and adjust if needed
add the ice and blend just until smooth.


Chickpea Loaf…it’s what’s for dinner…and lunch

ChickPea Loaf

Super easy to make, great for using up leftover grains and beans. Delicious cold as a sandwich the next day!
Super easy to make, great for using up leftover grains and beans. Delicious cold as a sandwich the next day!

2c-cooked chickpeas

1 1/2c cooked brown rice

3 slices toast- made into breadcrumbs or 1-1/2c loosely packed breadcrumbs

1 medium onion, minced

1/4c nutritional yeast

1/4c ketchup

1/4c extra virgin olive oil

1/2c walnuts, chopped *opt

1/8t-1/4t-cayenne pepper or chipotle powder (I LOVE Chipotle Powder)

1/4t ground black pepper

1/2t turmeric

1/2t salt

up to 1/4c water


3T ketchup

Preheat oven to 350 degrees

In a large bowl, combine the chickpeas, rice, breadcrumbs, onions, yeast, ketchup, oil, nuts*, salt, red and black pepper. Mix with a wooden spoon or clean hands until all ingredients are well incorporated.

Pour out the mixture into a lightly oiled loaf pan. With the back of a wooden spoon, fill out the pan. Top the loaf with the remaining ketchup.

Cover with foil and bake for 45 minutes.

Remove the foil and bake for another 10-15 minutes.

Serve with smashed potatoes and sautéed greens; broccoli or kale or a simple salad.

Killer Chickpea Loaf Sandwich 

*Sandwich bread- (I use whole grain Ezekiel)

fresh baby greens

vegan mayo

1″ slice of left over loaf

sriracha sauce


salt and pepper

Chickpea Loaf is coming…like TODAY…YOU ROCK. DON’T STOP.

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Well….Hello there….

jpgI want to change the world through food. For me it is a daunting task to take on, recipe writing on a daily basis. Don’t get me wrong, I cook everyday, every single day, I make food for myself for almost every meal.  I am flabbergasted at the notion that everyone doesn’t. I make food, I take pictures, it’s what I do. I started posting the pictures on Facebook and got such a rush of instant gratification as if I was watching someone eat my food in front of me-  the instant approval, the “likes” that would follow. And then the comments…..“recipe please?“. If I hadn’t written it down, I felt pressure to get it written, if I had written the recipe, I felt like “HEY. This is what I do, for a living Yo, this is how I do; my recipes are my currency and therefore, they belong in a book where you can buy them.”

I recently ran a 28 Day Vegan Challenge through my studio, and it was through this challenge that I saw transformation. Transformation in the participants yes, but mostly, in my approach. I am a firm believer of holding a value for oneself, and for me, I felt that if I gave my recipes away, that take me time to create, I would be getting taken advantage of. Through the challenge, being responsible for the content, not to persuade people to become vegan, but for people to become advocates, activists; for themselves, for their planet, for their world and all who live in it. I want everyone to live in full self expression and CHOICE. While my challenge was going on, I watched a TED talk, given by Amanda Palmer, and in it, she talks about crowd surfing; trusting your audience to catch you when you jump. It’s within the exchange. The value happens in the exchange. What I do only has value if people have access to it,  I am only going to change the world by sharing myself  abundantly and trusting that when I jump.. I will be caught.

My intention is not to make people vegan, it is to allow people to realize choice. Maybe you eat less animal foods each week,  maybe you add IN more plant based foods each week. My recipes are food, real food, super delicious, easy, straight forward, amazing food.

This blog depends on you. I will post recipes in an entirely transparent, generous way, daily…. This is what I ask for in returnUSE THEM, SHARE THEM, FOLLOW THEM, PIN THEM, FACE-BOOK THEM, REPOST THEM, TWEET THEM…….VIVA LA VEGAN SLOW FOOD REVOLUTION!

So here I go….I’m jumping….Catch me.

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Love you. Ellen.