Blueberry Macqui Acai Berry Power Smoothie

Blueberry Macqui Acai Berry Power Smoothie vegan, RAW, awesome 1c nut milk 1T hemp seed 1t raw agave or raw local honey 1T coconut oil 1/2c BLUEBERRIES (fresh or frozen) 1t MAQUI BERRY POWDER 1T Acai Berry Powder 1T chia seeds 1t vanilla 1scoop protein powder ___ 1c ice Blend all ingredients together except the […]

Peach Goji Berry Power Smoothie

My peaches are just coming about now; I have two baby trees that are loaded with fruit and one mature tree not so many peaches, both sweet yellow and white peaches. I used white peaches this morning. This smoothie reminds me of a Lassi, or kefir drink- it’s so delicious, super summery and filled with […]