Cultured Vegan Probiotic Butter!

cultured vegan butter

Cultured Probiotic Vegan Butter 

This recipe was worked off of Homemade Artisan Vegan Butter by Miyoko Schinner. My friend sent me the link and I knew I had to try it! In her recipe she calls for several ingredients that I wouldn’t necessarily want to use; soy lecithin, refined canola oil, store bought almond milk…. I like to eat, use, buy food that has value in it if I am going to put it in my body. I have always had a hard time when making food, using crap ingredients- don’t get me wrong, I love junkie vegan foods but I really only eat them once in a while, I just don’t have them readily available in my kitchen. Butter is a staple, so I felt it was important to make it a good one. I recipe tested several batches and there is still some room for improvement. The biggest problem I was having was separation when it was setting up. I figured out it was the water content in my homemade nutmilk- although I have not tried culturing a prepared dairy free milk and using that, it was neat to figure out where the break down was happening- the taste was always good but then it would separate! With this recipe, I made a thicker almond milk, with less water and then cultured it. During the culture process, the “kefir” separates from the solids- the solids are what I ended up using for the butter. Reserve the kefir for drinking or for adding to smoothies.

almond kefir
the solids are what you want to use…this is a very small batch of kefir, I actually will be posting a larger recipe for almond kefir as it is SO delicious in smoothies and as a probiotic beverage.


1/3c raw almonds, sprouted (soaked overnight, drained)

1c water

1 capsule vegan probiotic, opened into the milk and stirred

In a blender, combine the nuts with the water and blend until completely smooth. Pour the cream though a nutmilk bag or through a fine mesh strainer into a glass pitcher or wide mout ball jar- discard the pulp or make use of it in smoothies, crackers etc.

Add in the probiotic and gently stir with a wood spoon. Cover with a cloth and place in a warm spot overnight to let the culture do its thing. When ready, the “kefir” will be under a layer of fatty almond cream- do not shake or disturb the separation! With a spoon, spoon out the ½ cup needed for the butter. Use the rest for a delicious probiotic rich addition to your morning smoothie.


*vegan butter on toast
this was one of the first trials- delicious but hard!!! The final recipe is quite spreadable!


1c unrefined coconut oil (you can use refined if you want no coconut flavor)

½c almond kefir solids

1/4c safflower oil

1/2t pink salt

1t brown rice vinegar or apple cider vinegar

teeny pinch turmeric

2t sunflower lecithin- I used liquid

1T nutritional yeast

Combine everything in a blender and let the machine run until the mixture has emulsified. Pour this into butter molds or into smallish crock-pots or even into jars. Transfer immediately into the freezer to allow the butter to set without separation- give it about 20-30 minutes before transferring into the fridge.


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