Queen Elizabeth


My sweet Queen Elizabeth was my 1/2 wild, 1/2 domestic, crazy, loud mouthed turkey who lived with me for several years. The first time I met her, she walked around me, checking me out, sizing me up- I thought she was going to attack me….. she stopped , looked at me, cooed a little whistle and  hooked her long periwinkle blue neck around me, leaned into me, hugging me.. I cried my eyes out….Our relationship went from there.

She would parade her feathers, more like a Tom than like a lady, for anyone who came to say hello to her, whistling and cooing. She would run after my partner and the dogs like she was a part of the pack…”HOW COULD YOU FORGET ME???” …she would run/fly/whistle all the while trying to catch up.
When she died, I was devastated…I watched her vitality slowly fade out of her, her big personality slowly soften. She really, truly, made me so aware, of just how connected we all really are. She took up so much space, it is hard for me to imagine her roasted on a platter as as someone’s dinner. Because she isn’t human, doesn’t make her any less important- her life any less meaningful or deserving of a place. My intention isn’t to slam people who eat animals, I just feel the need to stress she was a LIVING being, with a heart, and will, and a desire to do her own thing, whatever her thing was. She would take glorious dirt baths and sleep in the sun, she was just so fucking awesome….she shared so much with me- she gave me so much and I loved giving back to her. We had an exchange every day, like every other relationship. She was so amazing.
I used to think I was so blessed to have all of these crazy, affectionate, special animals- but the truth is, it isn’t special or even extraordinary, it is WHO THEY ARE, individuals, sentient, personality rich, living creatures, I witnessed them as who they are in the world as creatures, not as food. She was a huge part of my family, I miss her. Sweet Miss Elizabeth, I love you. Happy Thanksgiving.