Not So Basic Off-Da-Hook Mushroom Gravy


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*mushroom gravy

I can always make a basic gravy. I  use the pan after pan frying tofu or tempeh in garlic, usually with a cornmeal coating so when I was challenged to make a vegan gravy that was of equal if not greater to taste than a traditional turkey based gravy….IT WAS ON. I can’t believe the way this gravy came out. The combination of mushrooms, including the super savory umami flavor of porcinis….this gravy is OFF DA HOOK. Gluten free, and really easy to make. This over smashed potatoes was I N S A NE.  If you are not a cooking type of person, just sauté everything together and put it in the blender, otherwise add your kitchen finesse and flare…it really is awesome and fail proof. Everything is organic and local if possible.

Not So Basic Off Da Hook Mushroom Gravy

1 large shallot, small dice

1 clove…

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