Spicy Split Pea Soup

*split pea soupAs soon as the weather changes, this is my go to, must have in the fridge at all times soup…this morning I made this using coconut oil instead of olive, and added about 1T of raw, fresh turmeric. Since starting CrossFit, I try to use turmeric in as many meals as possible due to it’s anti-inflammatory properties. It lends a beautiful color and a deep spicy, earthy flavor. I haven’t decided if I am going to add potatoes…I do have amazing, tiny, creamy, buttery, yellow potatoes that I picked up at the Greenfield Farmer’s Market on Saturday 😉

The Vegan Love Project

*split pea soup

I make this soup at least two to three times a month- It is truly my comfort food- my Dad LOVES this soup. Chipotle powder is what gives this soup its’ smokey flavor. Chipotle powder is a smoked dried Jalapeno with a delicious hot smokey/sweet flavor and is a spice that is always in my kitchen. If you can find liquid smoke, or smoke salt, or another natural smoke flavoring, it adds another layer of tremendous flavor that is typically found in traditional meat based split pea soup. Today I didn’t blend it at all, so I cut the vegetables uniformly. I also added a small thin skinned potato, diced in the last 15 minutes of cooking 1) cuz I had it in the house and 2) potatoes are YUMMY.

Wheat-Free, Gluten-Free


3T olive oil

1c green split peas

1 small red or yellow onion, medium diced


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